Worksheet of the Week: Count the Money

count-the-moneyIn this week’s Worksheet, Max came up with a helpful guide to learning the basics of business: counting money! Learning the differences between coins and dollars is an important concept in math that will make learning concepts like decimals much easier in the future! To get started on Max’s Worksheet, have an adult help you download and print it out at the link below!

Worksheet of the Week: Move that Dot


Multiplying decimals can get a bit complicated; however, this can be a lot simpler to understand when we multiply them with factors of 10. In this case, all you have to do is count the number of zeros and move the decimal place that many times. Are you ready to get started on tackling this math concept? Download and print this Worksheet of the Week at:

Worksheet of the Week: Calculate the Surface Area


Attention all 7th Grade Blasters: are you struggling with your surface area homework? Our Worksheet of the Week has you covered. Max put together FIVE problems covering one of the most grueling subjects in geometry so you can get some extra assistance. Think you are ready for the challenge? Download and print our Worksheet of the Week at the link below!

Worksheet of the Week: Multiplication Muddle

multiplication-muddleMax is creating a handy chart to practice using multiplication and division, but he seems to run into an obstacle. He just cannot seem to find an answer to complete these two columns! Do you think you can use your puzzle solving powers to fill out the entire chart? Think carefully to figure out the correct answer, as there might just be more than one possible solution! With the help of a parent, download and print today’s worksheet and help our Blaster captain!

Worksheet of the Week: Slotting Numbers

slotting-numbersThe hardest part of counting things is that it is so easy to lose your train of thought! That is why these colorful building blocks are so great! With so many different colors, each number will stand apart from the rest. Can you help us count how many of these blocks we were able to stack using the BEST of your counting skills? Try now by downloading this Worksheet of the Week with the help of a parent!

Worksheet of the Week: Shopping Spree

shopping-spree-1It is the end of the school year and we just received some extra cash from a parent for all of our hard work! Now that we have some money to spend for the summer, only one thing is stopping us from going on our shopping spree: we do not know how to much money we need for each item! Can you help us in this Worksheet of the Week by counting up the coins and dollars so we can purchase each item with the correct amount of money?

Worksheet of the Week: Fun with Sudoku

fun-with-sudokuHave you ever played a Sudoku puzzle before? They are challenging problems that involve filling a box where no rows or columns repeat the same number. They are super fun to complete, and they keep your brain growing healthy and strong. Try one out in this week’s FREE Worksheet of the Week. Ask a parent to help you download it by clicking on the image!