Making the Most of Your Math Blaster Credits

“Greetings, Blasters! Max here. I have been working hard to organize my Pod in the spirit of Spring Cleaning. I realized, however, that I actually gave away too many items! My Pod is a blank canvas and I need to do some shopping to re-decorate it. Unfortunately, I do not have any Credits right now. Oops! Guess I should not have bought all those new outfits! Not to worry! This is a great challenge to earn some extra Credits and use my math skills to make the most of my money.

There are two great ways to earn Credits. The first one you might already know about, which is to play Math Academy games. Try to select a couple games that you are really strong at and can also play a couple times without getting bored. That way, you can rake in some Credits while the time flies past you! The second way to earn some Credits is to help out some of your fellow Blasters clean their Mutt pods! Let us head to my friend Alejandro’s Pod.

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Make Your Pod Out-of-This-World Cool!

Hey Blasters! How much time do you spend in your Pod? It’s where your Blaster goes to relax after intergalactic adventures and spend time with your Mutt, so it should feel like home! We recently redesigned one of our Blaster’s pods… Check out the transformation below!

MB BeforeBefore… This is probably a lot what your pod looks like. Cool, but could be better, right?

MB After

After… We spent some hard-earned credits decking out our pod with our favorite colors and new items! Remember, you can increase your earning potential around the space station by simply playing our learning games! Want to learn how we managed this out -of-this-world restyling? Keep reading…

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My Pod: Your Home Aboard the Space Station

Every Blaster needs a break from working to save the I.S.P. and your Math Blaster Pod is the perfect place for a peaceful retreat. Here, Blasters can throw their own Pod parties to celebrate their accomplishments, invite over their in-game B.F.F.s, or just relax and decorate their humble abode. For some tips and tricks to mastering this area of the Space Station, here is a video on what to expect while in My Pod!

Make it your own –  A Blaster’s Pod is their home away from home and can be customized with all the things that make a Cadet calm, cool and ready for adventure! While you’re settling in, you can fulfill one of GC’s Missions and grab new furniture from the My Pod Store or rearrange existing furnishings for a brand new feel! With all the options for beds, tables, seating, and lighting or gadgets, Cadets can personalize their Pods to make it truly their own!

Seeing Stars – Your Blaster can track their Star Status on their very own chart located in their Pod. You can collect more Stars by helping out fellow Cadets in caring for their Monster Mutts or by visiting other Blaster’s Pods and ranking them!

A change in scenery – Is your Blaster enjoying their view of space from their Pod? Perhaps you would rather relax in a Pod underwater. Whichever it may be, Cadets can change their Pod Location to suit their mood. Grab different Locations off the My Pod Store to switch through sceneries!

Click here to learn more about your Pod!

Time to Redecorate!

It’s time to spruce up your space with these new furnishings that are truly out of this world! Be your own interior designer with the SPACE-tacular new items for your Pod! You can even deck out your Mutt’s Pod with the newly added galactic orange Mutt bed. Express your unique style in your personal space and impress all your B.F.F.s with an awesome new layout they won’t be able to ignore when they drop by to visit!

These aren’t the only new cosmic furnishings for your Pod! Check out your Pod Store to see the rest!

Whether you’re looking for a new computer or the perfect desk lamp to complete your masterpiece, you’ll find everything you need in your Pod Store to get the creative juices flowing. Design your Pod in a special way that no Blaster has ever seen before! What’s your favorite new addition to your Pod? Have you noticed that your friends picked up the latest and greatest new items?

Happy 4th of July from Math Blaster!

In the United States, the 4th of July represents the date when the country declared its Independence from Great Britain. Across the nation, people will be celebrating with barbecues, picnics and fireworks. Even if you’re not in the United States, celebrate with Math Blaster and throw a party in your Pod!

Caption: Party with the planets, throw one in your Pod today!

Gather all your friends and invite them, or let them know about your party on the bulletin board. Either way, it’s going to be a blast! Or make some new friends and join in on their celebrations! This is a holiday we can all participate in. Don’t forget to rate Pods to get some credits too!

What are you plans for this Independence Day? Comment below and let Max know how you’re celebrating! Have a great 4th of July!

One Blaster X Math Blaster = Multiple Mutts!

Can’t decide on an Ickysaur or Eyeclops? How about a Grubble or Space Griffin instead? The choice can be difficult, but don’t let it get in the way of your astronomical adventures! Bring your Mutts along for some Blasterific battles! That’s right, we said Mutts, because now you can have multiple Monster Mutts at once! With the addition of another Mutt, it sums up to more fun for Blasters.

You don’t have to pick just one anymore, just head to the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome to pick out another larva after you release your Mutt. Your Mutt will come back to their Pod to visit and you’ll be able to pick which one you want to play and train with! Now just like you have your B.F.F.s, your Mutt will have a best friend to play with when you’re off protecting the Space Port.

This is an addition problem every Blaster can appreciate!

All of your Mutts will be waiting for you right in their Pod. Use the arrows at the bottom to scroll through all of them and make sure you play with them all! Some of them tend to get jealous so keep them happy by feeding and playing with each and every one! Just click on the one you want to play with at that time to take them around with you.

When you’re out with your Mutt, the other ones will be anxiously waiting for you in their Pod. Make sure you train all of them though! To pick another Mutt to play with, just swap them out when you get back to your Pod.

Take your Ickysaur, Eyeclops, Grubble and Space Griffin all along with you now! Which one is your favorite Mutt? Let Max know which one you’ll be exploring Space with!

An Eye For An Eye! Return The Favor To Your Friends!

Your B.F.F.s have had your back. They’ve cared for and cleaned your Mutts while you were out saving the Space Port during Red Alerts and beating those menacing alien bosses in HyperBlast. Now is your chance to pay them back! Give them a little gift after they’ve cared for your Mutt!

Check your Mutt Notifications to see who has cared for your Mutt while you were gone. After you’ve gone through the list of your Blaster buddies, send them something special and reward them helping you out.

Sharing is caring, so give a thank you to your friends!

Kind and courteous are just two traits of a model Blaster. After all, we’re all on one team, the I.S.P.! Repay your Blaster buddies and you might get a reward for watching someone else’s Mutt too! Try it out and let Max know what you think of the new Mutt Pod reward system!