Game of the Week: Nebula Knockout

MB-NebulaKnockoutOnce you have trained your Mutt to be the strongest and wisest it can be, it is time to head to the Nebula Knockout arena to put its special powers to the test. In this game, your Mutt gets to battle and play with other Mutts around Spaceport and develop their strengths. Just at the sound of the audience roaring and cheering, we bet your Mutt will start to grow a little bit more confidence right away! If you think your Mutt is ready to become a champion fighter, make sure to start playing our Game of the Week with some of your Blaster friends!

What are your Favorite Games in Math Blaster?

Do you want to earn the title of Mathlete of the Week and be featured in our newspaper? Check out some of Math Blaster’s most popular games! From battling the alien in Alien Wrangler, to avoiding the hazardous chemicals in Oozami, to transforming your B.F.Fs into crazy creatures, these fun and exciting games in Math Blaster can help you earn Merits and Star Points, which are used to judge your promotion in terms of Rank and Star Status, and Credits, which you can use to purchase a few items to decorate your pod or to dress up your Monster Mutt. Read on to find out more!

Red Alert

One of our signature and most exhilarating game! The game requires strategic planning and perfect aiming. Wait for a red alert to go off, then head over to the “Red Alert” portal, and help protect the space station from foreign attacks! You can always throw in some friendly competition with your fellow BFFs to see who can make it to the top places on our leaderboard.


Blast through obstacles and defeat the bosses by using your supreme math skills! Successful completion of each stage can help you unlock special items and advanced stages. Avoid the mean and evil alien creatures that block your path and collect the shields to boost your health. You will need a lot of it to fend off the last boss in each stage!


Angle Attack

The enemies have infiltrated our I.S.P. Drive them away from our peaceful spaceport by defeating the evil octopus! Attacking the enemy is simple, find the correct angle that the enemy is hiding in and submit the right answer to fire out your most powerful weapon!

Nebula Knockout

If you cannot access Face Off because you don’t have a Monster Mutt, don’t worry! Nebula Knockout is equally as fun. Earn new belts and higher ranks by battling another mutt in the ring. You can either select Single Player mode where you are given an avatar, or raise your monster mutt to fight head to head with your BFF’s mutt or any other mutt in the I.S.P! How many KOs have you scored?

Nebula KO

Morph Madness

You can prank your fellow cadets by turning them into bizarre alien creatures! Collect the floating items, head into the Chem Lab, and start mixing the chemicals to create these deadly fun solutions!


These are only a small portion of the games you can challenge in Math Blaster. Start playing these games, make it on our leaderboard by earning a top high score, and be officially recognized by your fellow cadets!

Check out the Battle Belt Progress Meter!

Hey Blasters! Nebula Knockout is one of the most competitive and action-filled games in all of Math Blaster! The excitement never ends while you battle it out by punching, kicking, and using your special powers on your B.F.F.s’ Mutts to see whose critter has mastered its rigorous training the best!

Battle belts are the perfect feature to tell you about your Mutt’s skill level. Not only can you keep track of your Mutt’s Nebula Knockout sparring skills with battle belts, but you can also get a special power or item every time you move up to the next level belt!

Challenge a B.F.F. to go head to head with you so you’ll be on your way to getting a new battle belt!

Good thing you have the battle belt progress meter to show you how close you are to getting a new belt! You’ll be able to go full speed ahead and move up in the battle belt rankings by playing Nebula Knockout in “Head to Head” mode and choosing to either “Battle” or “Play A B.F.F.”. Playing in “Single Player” mode will not increase your battle belt progress since belts are meant to show how you measure up against other high performing cadets.

So start challenging all your friends to Nebula Knockout to see who comes out on top! Hopefully you’ve done a blaster-ific job of training your Mutt so when you’re called upon to battle by a B.F.F., you’ll blow them out of the water!

What color belt do you have right now? Will you be able to show the other Blasters who’s boss by earning the ultimate black battle belt? Let Max know what you think!

Challenge a B.F.F to a Battle on Nebula Knockout!

You and your B.F.F.s have always had each other’s backs! You send each other messages, take care of each other’s Mutts, and even visit each other’s Pods. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch by inviting your B.F.F.s to play Nebula Knockout!

This ultimate arena has you battle out your skills to discover who the true cadet is. It’s a great way for you to get into fighting shape so you can keep the space station safe from Alien Invasions and Red Alerts. Now you can make it an even more thrilling experience by challenging your B.F.F.s to an all-out Mutt battle! Once in the arena, choose Head to Head for your game mode and then select Play A B.F.F..

Then choose your opponent from a list of your online B.F.F.s. Hopefully they accept the challenge and are not too scared to battle with your Mutt’s amazing strength! Create a lethal combo with blocking, jumping, kicking, or punching. Then you can let the games begin and let the best Mutt win! Keep challenging your B.F.F.s to battle your Mutt and you’ll be able to beat even your toughest competition!

Do you have what it takes to show your B.F.F.s who’s boss? Put your Mutt to the test and find out!

Get Ready For The 2012 Space Olympics!

Whether you’re following the Olympics in London or in Nebula Knockout, make sure you take the time to train and care for your Mutt. While all of the gymnasts, swimmers and runners are competing in the Summer Games, your Mutt will be punching, kicking and using their Special Powers on the road to victory. Forget the bronze, silver and gold too; aim for black, as in the Black Battle Belt!

Battle it out to be the best Mutt in Nebula Knockout’s Space Olympics!

Do you have what it takes to earn a Battle Belt in the Space Olympics? Compete against Blasters and Mutts from around the world in this international, and intergalactic, sporting event!

Are you following the Summer Olympics in London this summer? If you’re not too busy watching the sports, take your Mutt to Nebula Knockout for the Space Olympics! Let Max know what you think and if you’ve got a Battle Belt!

Battle Belts For Our Best Blasters!

Have you been training your amazing Monster Mutts in Nebula Knockout? Now that you can earn trophies in your Mutt Pod for battling, try to up the ante with these all new Battle Belts! Everyone starts off as a beginner with the White Belt, so can you train your Mutt and build your way up to the others?

Train and battle with your Mutt enough to get the blaster-ific Black Belt!

Each Battle Belt gives your Mutt a special power or bonus. Some of them are character specific, like the Pink and Blue Belt which will give your Mutt a special color kit that nobody else can get. Collect them all to see what each one does!

What do you think of the Battle Belts? Go check out the kiosk in the Nebula Knockout Arena, and let Max know what you think!

New Nebula Knockout Features!

Have you had the chance to check out the Monster Mutt Rescue app and the new Mutt Pod features yet? Just as a quick reminder, you can now take your Mutts with you wherever you go on your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. And while you’re caring for your pet in their Pod, don’t forget that you even have access the ones you previously released! That way you’ve got more mutts and more fun.

Anyways, we just hope that you’ve been taking good care of your Mutts and training them well, because we’ve got some news for you: there are a number of new features waiting for you in Nebula Knockout! Let’s go through a rundown of some of them so you can get back into the battles!

Have you noticed anything new? Congratulations on your Nebula Knockout trophy!

Now, when you go to your Mutt’s Pod, you may notice a few new features. Aside from the arrows at the bottom that help you cycle through all of your Mutts waiting for you on the couch, there is a new trophy! Although players get a trophy for having their Mutts compete in Nebula Knockout, the competition ball inside changes based on how well your Mutt does. Check to see which color you get when you beat the different difficulty levels in single player mode.

It doesn’t matter which color kit you choose for your Mutt, these belts are for their skill level, not fashion!

Another thing you will notice is the new set of Battle Belts for your Mutts. Each Battle Belt signifies how well you do in your battles, so make sure you train your Mutt well to avoid losing!

What do you think of the new additions for your Mutts? The championship trophy and Battle Belts are a great way to let you know how well your little fighter is doing. What color Belt do your Mutts have? Comment below and let Max know!