The Math Academy Gets a Galactic New Look!

The Math Academy, formerly known as the Academy, is where your Blasters will learn to defend the galaxy by using their brains and building their math skills! To keep the ISP inter-galactically connected, the Math Academy has been updated and given an entirely new design.

There are new portals all around the Math Academy that will shuttle your kids off to each of the training games. This nebular new arrangement has transported some games to a new location. The Fitness Training Room portal is now located on the second floor of the Math Academy. Inside your kids will find some of their favorite activities like the gravity-defying rock wall, as well as some new additions such as the Ready Room and Roller Ball Rally.

Your kids also may have noticed the huge orb floating in the center of the Math Academy. This is the data processing hub that is continually pulling information from all the training games to keep Max and G.C. updated on the Blasters game progress. So, make sure your kids build up their skills so they can move up in rank to become one of the best of the best in the ISP.

What do your kids think of the new changes to the Math Academy?

Calling All Blaster Brainiacs! Let’s Test Your Knowledge.

Update: This trivia contest is now closed.

Congratulations to  our top three scorers Matthew A.,  Austin FutureMoon and Shannon! All three Blasters have been awarded 200 credits! Thank you to all of the Blasters who entered, you blew us away with your knowledge of ISP history.

Do your kids think they know the history of the ISP? Well, it’s time to put their knowledge to the test for a chance to earn 200 credits! The following trivia questions are based on films that Blasters can watch in the Ready Room. So if your kids need to brush up on their knowledge of Blasters past, they can head to the Academy to study up. When they’re ready, your kids can answer the questions by leaving a comment below. The first three Blasters to answer the questions correctly will be awarded 200 credits! To protect their answers, we won’t post their comments until all the answers are in.

Tell your kids to head to the Ready Room to brush up on their ISP history with movies like The Terrible Monkey King.

1. What is the name of the droid that Blasternaut and Galactic Commander are trying to save in Gelaton the Brain Drainer?

2. In Blaster B.F.F.s, G.C. gives Max a space suit that has special powers. Name the two abilities Max has when he wears the space suit.

3. From Master the Basics, what is the most important weapon for a Blaster-in-training?

4. In The Terrible Monkey King, what do Blasternaut and Galactic Commander have to find before they see the Monkey King?

5. In Blaster B.F.F.s, what does Max help G.C. build?

6. In Gelaton the Brain Drainer, what planet do Blasternaut and Galactic Commander travel to, to save Spot?

7. Who is an earthling, Max or G.C.? (Hint: watch Blaster B.F.F.s)

8. In Master the Basics, where do Blasters Cadets go to get their training?

9. In The Terrible Monkey King, who tells Blasternaut and Galactic Commander about the Monkey King?

10. Whose brain does Gelaton, the Brain Drainer, try to drain?

Do your kids know the answers? Tell them to leave a comment below and we’ll see who’s the brainiest Blaster in all the ISP! Remember, we won’t post their answers to the blog until all the answers are in.

5 Great Places Your Kids Can Take Their Monster Mutts!

There are so many exciting places in Math Blaster where your kids can go with their Monster Mutts! These fun-loving critters not only provide your kids with some great company, but they can also help them in some Math Blaster games.

Snatch It!

There’s no better way for your kids to bond with their mutts than over a few rounds of Snatch It! As they race against the clock to collect as many items as they can, their Monster Mutts will be right behind them picking up any items that your kids missed.

Snatch It

Blizzard and Avatarus

Monster Mutts just love exploring! Your kids can board a shuttle to visit their mutts on the far away planets, Blizzard and Avatarus. Together they can explore the strange terrain of these distant worlds. Your kids will even be able to utilize their mutts’ special skills, whether it’s swimming, flying or riding.

 Check out more great places your kids can take their mutts!Blizzard and Avatarus

Check out more great places your kids can take their Mutts!

Happy Birthday, Math Blaster!

While it has only been a month since Math Blaster launched into 3D cyber space, today marks the 28th year of Math Blaster defending the galaxy with mind-bending math problems and cosmic critical thinking. Through the years, Math Blaster has earned recognition for its challenging and futuristic learning games. Still true to its original mission, Math Blaster has helped children of all ages and species learn and build confidence in their math skills – even after 28 years! Tell your kids to watch the past galaxy quests in the Ready Room to see the Math Blaster evolution!

Blast from the Past

Visit the Ready Room in the Academy to watch past galaxy quests!


What’s Your Child’s Favorite Part of Math Blaster?

Since the launch of the Math Blaster spaceship two weeks ago, your children have been working hard and putting their math skills to use to become part of the elite forces in the Intergalactic Space Patrol. We hope your kids have had some time to explore Math Blaster, and we want to know what they think! What is your child’s favorite part of Math Blaster?

Have your kids blasted through the high-speed tunnel to defeat alien math robots in HyperBlast Training?

Have they been able to shoot and destroy the rapidly approaching meteors in Zapper Turret Training?

Have your kids taken action during a Red Alert to help save the space station by playing the fun shooting game to destroy harmful debris?

Or do they simply like to sit and relax in the Ready Room to enjoy a Blaster video?

Which game are they playing the most? Do they enjoy watching the Blaster videos in the Ready Room? What other activities and games would your child like to have in Math Blaster? Let us know!

Learn About Great Blasters From the Past in the Ready Room!

Your kids can get ready to play intergalactic math games by getting to know the Math Blaster heroes and Space Patrol enemies that have come before them in the Ready Room! They can watch fun and exciting short films featuring their favorite Math Blaster commander, Max. These videos are sure to get your kids even more excited about using their brain power to battle the evil aliens and space robots they’ll encounter on their space missions! Your children can enter the Ready Room on the lower level of the Math Blaster Space Port.

The Ready Room is full of adventures!

Learn more about the Ready Room!