Red Alert: Your Help is Needed!

red alert 1

Depending on your rank in the I.S.P., you might already know all about what to do when a Red Alert occurs. However, for some of our newer recruits, these Space Station moments might leave you frazzled. Have you been on board when the red lights flicker and Mission Control calls all Blasters to their stations? This is YOUR chance to shine, because the Intergalactic Space Station is under attack and needs your help!

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What are your Favorite Games in Math Blaster?

Do you want to earn the title of Mathlete of the Week and be featured in our newspaper? Check out some of Math Blaster’s most popular games! From battling the alien in Alien Wrangler, to avoiding the hazardous chemicals in Oozami, to transforming your B.F.Fs into crazy creatures, these fun and exciting games in Math Blaster can help you earn Merits and Star Points, which are used to judge your promotion in terms of Rank and Star Status, and Credits, which you can use to purchase a few items to decorate your pod or to dress up your Monster Mutt. Read on to find out more!

Red Alert

One of our signature and most exhilarating game! The game requires strategic planning and perfect aiming. Wait for a red alert to go off, then head over to the “Red Alert” portal, and help protect the space station from foreign attacks! You can always throw in some friendly competition with your fellow BFFs to see who can make it to the top places on our leaderboard.


Blast through obstacles and defeat the bosses by using your supreme math skills! Successful completion of each stage can help you unlock special items and advanced stages. Avoid the mean and evil alien creatures that block your path and collect the shields to boost your health. You will need a lot of it to fend off the last boss in each stage!


Angle Attack

The enemies have infiltrated our I.S.P. Drive them away from our peaceful spaceport by defeating the evil octopus! Attacking the enemy is simple, find the correct angle that the enemy is hiding in and submit the right answer to fire out your most powerful weapon!

Nebula Knockout

If you cannot access Face Off because you don’t have a Monster Mutt, don’t worry! Nebula Knockout is equally as fun. Earn new belts and higher ranks by battling another mutt in the ring. You can either select Single Player mode where you are given an avatar, or raise your monster mutt to fight head to head with your BFF’s mutt or any other mutt in the I.S.P! How many KOs have you scored?

Nebula KO

Morph Madness

You can prank your fellow cadets by turning them into bizarre alien creatures! Collect the floating items, head into the Chem Lab, and start mixing the chemicals to create these deadly fun solutions!


These are only a small portion of the games you can challenge in Math Blaster. Start playing these games, make it on our leaderboard by earning a top high score, and be officially recognized by your fellow cadets!

Test Your Mettle in Max’s Top 5 Games

Being an all-star Blaster requires skill, determination, and courage.  While developing these traits can take time, your job as a Blaster is not over once you attain these characteristics.  In order to do your best protecting the galaxy, you will need to keep practicing and honing your abilities in order to stay sharp.  Luckily, Max picked five exciting games you can play to keep yourself in shape.  Head over to the Math Academy to find these helpful activities.

1Test both your physical and mental strength in Alien Wrangler.  Jump on the back of a monstrous alien and solve math equations to remain balanced.  Work quickly to stabilize against the alien’s forceful bucking and establish control.

2Angle Attack is the perfect game to help you acquire the right balance of speed and accuracy.  Keep your head on a swivel as hostile aliens attack from all sides and calculate the angle they are approaching to keep them at bay.  Be quick since the alien will reduce precious health should they reach you.

3Practice your firing abilities from a different perspective in B-Force Blaster.  Learn to identify correct answers and boost your reflexes to pick out targets that disappear quickly.  Thrusting yourself into B-Force Blaster’s fast-paced action will speed up your problem solving skills as you navigate through clutter to find the correct answers.

4Hyperblast is a great way to work on your piloting skills as you travel on a lightning-fast vehicle.  Dodge obstacles and collect power-ups in a narrow passageway, defeating robots with your math skills along the way.

5Red Alert: it all comes down to this moment.  Put all the skills you have learned and mastered to the test as you defend the space station from a barrage of asteroids and space debris.  Pick your targets and blow them to bits before they smash into the space station.  As more objects come your way, you will draw upon the sharpened reflexes and accuracy you gained from your training to protect the space station.  Watch the shield meter and destroy oncoming projectiles to save the day.

Training to be a skilled Blaster takes time and effort but Max wants to help you become the best you can be.  Take advantage of these games he has picked out for you to test your math knowledge and other skills like speed and accuracy.  Doing so will not only help you rise through the ranks of Math Blaster’s finest, but ensure the galaxy’s safety as well.

An Eye For An Eye! Return The Favor To Your Friends!

Your B.F.F.s have had your back. They’ve cared for and cleaned your Mutts while you were out saving the Space Port during Red Alerts and beating those menacing alien bosses in HyperBlast. Now is your chance to pay them back! Give them a little gift after they’ve cared for your Mutt!

Check your Mutt Notifications to see who has cared for your Mutt while you were gone. After you’ve gone through the list of your Blaster buddies, send them something special and reward them helping you out.

Sharing is caring, so give a thank you to your friends!

Kind and courteous are just two traits of a model Blaster. After all, we’re all on one team, the I.S.P.! Repay your Blaster buddies and you might get a reward for watching someone else’s Mutt too! Try it out and let Max know what you think of the new Mutt Pod reward system!

The Math Academy Is in Danger!

Have your children had the chance to visit the newly commissioned Math Academy? If they have, then they’ve seen it’s all new, unique design and state of the art equipment. The ISP couldn’t be more excited about the latest modifications, but, unfortunately, it means the area is highly vulnerable to enemy attacks.

In his efforts to protect the Academy, Max has been on the lookout for any signs of invasion. He has already intercepted communication between distant planets that discuss plans to strike. In an attempt to hold up a defense, Max has added Red Alert to the Math Academy and is asking for your kids’ help!

When the red lights start flashing and the emergency horns begin blaring, it’s time for Blasters to suit up and save the station.

Red Alert! Red Alert!

Your children will need to run into the Red Alert portal and jump into the captain’s seat. Then, they’ll be challenged to blast all the foreign objects that come hurling at the Space Station.

Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to shoot.

Will your kids be able to save the Math Academy? Tell them to play Red Alert today!

What’s Your Child’s Favorite Part of Math Blaster?

Since the launch of the Math Blaster spaceship two weeks ago, your children have been working hard and putting their math skills to use to become part of the elite forces in the Intergalactic Space Patrol. We hope your kids have had some time to explore Math Blaster, and we want to know what they think! What is your child’s favorite part of Math Blaster?

Have your kids blasted through the high-speed tunnel to defeat alien math robots in HyperBlast Training?

Have they been able to shoot and destroy the rapidly approaching meteors in Zapper Turret Training?

Have your kids taken action during a Red Alert to help save the space station by playing the fun shooting game to destroy harmful debris?

Or do they simply like to sit and relax in the Ready Room to enjoy a Blaster video?

Which game are they playing the most? Do they enjoy watching the Blaster videos in the Ready Room? What other activities and games would your child like to have in Math Blaster? Let us know!

Red Alert! Enemies Are Headed to the Intergalactic Space Station!!

This just in! The space station has received warnings about outrageous alien forces trying to take over the Math Blaster Academy! They are headed our way, and the space station is experiencing hits by a lot of debris!

Have your children been in the Space Port when, all of a sudden, red lights started flashing and emergency horns started blaring? It’s the call of duty for all cadets to help protect the station from enemy forces trying to make their way onto the spaceship! Red Alert signals high priority for immediate action so hear our call cadets and help us stop them from approaching!

When the emergency alarm goes off, tell your children to lead their Blaster cadet into one of the three RED ALERT portals to play a fun shooting game. They can utilize their Math Blaster training by blasting meteors and asteroids to keep the space station out of harms way.

The Red Alert will only sound off in the Space Port, so caution your cadet children to be on the alert! Cadets with the highest scores will be listed on the Red Alert Top Scores board for the entire Blaster Academy to see!

What is your cadet’s Red Alert high score?