Science Fair Projects

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of conducting your own scientific experiment. Science fair projects can give students the opportunity to practice their scientific thinking, on top of building onto their problem-solving skills. Hands-on experiments help to engage and connect kids with the many topics that science brings up. Spark up a new found discovery of scientific exploration with these ideas for science fair projects.

Photo By Jose Kevo

Photo By Jose Kevo

Build your own working compass

What you will need:

  1.  A steel paper clip
  2. A magnet
  3. The cap from a milk jug
  4. A pie plate (9 to 12 inches in diameter)


  • Fill your pie dish with water.
  • Place the cap from a milk jug onto the water to float. Center the float.
  • Straighten the steel paper clip and turn it into a magnet—Take your magnet and stroke it along the straightened paper clip around 15 times.
  • Place the magnetized paper clip onto the float and watch as your paperclip will slowly point North!

With hands-on experiments like these, kids will have a blast when discovering that they are fully capable of carrying out their own scientific experiment! For more inspiration on science fair projects, follow us on Pinterest and share with us some of your favorite discoveries!