My Pod: Your Home Aboard the Space Station

Every Blaster needs a break from working to save the I.S.P. and your Math Blaster Pod is the perfect place for a peaceful retreat. Here, Blasters can throw their own Pod parties to celebrate their accomplishments, invite over their in-game B.F.F.s, or just relax and decorate their humble abode. For some tips and tricks to mastering this area of the Space Station, here is a video on what to expect while in My Pod!

Make it your own –  A Blaster’s Pod is their home away from home and can be customized with all the things that make a Cadet calm, cool and ready for adventure! While you’re settling in, you can fulfill one of GC’s Missions and grab new furniture from the My Pod Store or rearrange existing furnishings for a brand new feel! With all the options for beds, tables, seating, and lighting or gadgets, Cadets can personalize their Pods to make it truly their own!

Seeing Stars – Your Blaster can track their Star Status on their very own chart located in their Pod. You can collect more Stars by helping out fellow Cadets in caring for their Monster Mutts or by visiting other Blaster’s Pods and ranking them!

A change in scenery – Is your Blaster enjoying their view of space from their Pod? Perhaps you would rather relax in a Pod underwater. Whichever it may be, Cadets can change their Pod Location to suit their mood. Grab different Locations off the My Pod Store to switch through sceneries!

Click here to learn more about your Pod!

Challenge a B.F.F to a Battle on Nebula Knockout!

You and your B.F.F.s have always had each other’s backs! You send each other messages, take care of each other’s Mutts, and even visit each other’s Pods. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch by inviting your B.F.F.s to play Nebula Knockout!

This ultimate arena has you battle out your skills to discover who the true cadet is. It’s a great way for you to get into fighting shape so you can keep the space station safe from Alien Invasions and Red Alerts. Now you can make it an even more thrilling experience by challenging your B.F.F.s to an all-out Mutt battle! Once in the arena, choose Head to Head for your game mode and then select Play A B.F.F..

Then choose your opponent from a list of your online B.F.F.s. Hopefully they accept the challenge and are not too scared to battle with your Mutt’s amazing strength! Create a lethal combo with blocking, jumping, kicking, or punching. Then you can let the games begin and let the best Mutt win! Keep challenging your B.F.F.s to battle your Mutt and you’ll be able to beat even your toughest competition!

Do you have what it takes to show your B.F.F.s who’s boss? Put your Mutt to the test and find out!

Blaster Alert: Max and GC Will Be Landing at Comic Con 2012!

For those of you not already in the know, Comic Con is a world renowned convention for fans of comic books and science fiction to come see exclusive product previews and even some of their favorite superheroes all  in one place. So if you’re going to be in San Diego, be sure to visit us at the Math Blaster booth, where you’ll be able to meet Max and GC!

Blasters in attendance will receive their very own cutouts of Max, GC or a larva that they can assemble into their very own 3D toy. As an added bonus, visitors will receive a code for a complimentary 15-day membership! This is a great opportunity to meet you favorite Blasters and take home something special. That way, you can continue the fun and learning for free at

If you can’t make it to the show, we’ve still got you covered. Feel free to print out the 3D toy templates here on the blog! They’re a great craft idea that you can share to take the Math Blaster fun where ever you go! Just make sure you get an adult to help you cut out all the pieces and see if you can assemble it on your own.

Try to make one, or see if you can put them all together! Comic Con is a great experience, but if you can’t make it to the show this year, we hope these will help you to still have fun this weekend. Which one is your favorite? Let Max know!

Give a little, get a little!

Has a blaster friend shown you and your Mutt a little TLC lately? Give them something fun and special back, like one of these great toys from the Mutt Mart! Now, when you check your messages or notifications to find out if someone has cared for your Mutt while you were away, you can send your Blaster pals a toy as a gift to thank them.

Along with being able to gift your friends with the usual food items and brushes, these new toys are a great addition that gives you even more variety to choose from! Mutts already love these toys, but now your friends will have the opportunity to enjoy receiving them as gifts too.

These are a few of Max’s favorite things. Share them with your B.F.F.s!

What do you think of these new gift items? Let Max know which toys are your favorites to send to your friends!

Add A Friend For More Fun!

Everyone likes having their Blaster buddies around for friendly fun and awesome adventures. Although, it can be hard for you to keep track of everyone when you’re running around exploring in the Space Port or Math Academy. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to add your friends to your B.F.F. list and keep updated with their voyages!

Check out the new option to add a player to your B.F.F. list after you’ve battled them in games like Nebula Knockout. It’s as easy as that! After you’ve battled them, a menu will pop up to add them to your circle of friends. It’s not only in Nebula Knockout either; try it out in all of the multiplayer games like Galaxy Grand Prix and Face Off!

Add all your friends to keep up with their scores and statuses!

Check out some of our multiplayer games today to start expanding your list of B.F.F.s. Don’t forget, you’ll see the new option after playing the games. Have you added all your Blaster friends yet? Let us know what you think of this new B.F.F. feature!

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a very important day for Blasters around the universe. It is a day to remember those who have given so much for us and what we have today. Like the I.S.P.’s very own Blasters, those in the Earth’s own armed forces exhibit many cosmic qualities like courage and dedication. So show your support this memorial day by taking a moment to honor those men and women.

Celebrate in your Pod today with other Blasters!

This holiday weekend is a great opportunity to celebrate with your friends. It is also a great time to kick off the unofficial start of summer with the great weather and a few outer space activities. There are parties going on all of the space station to celebrate this weekend, so be sure to stop by the party board to check them out! How are you celebrating this Memorial Day weekend with Math Blaster?

Blastoff Into Pinterest With Math Blaster!

Pinterest is a fun new way to interact and share stellar snapshots from space, and Math Blaster has plenty of them for you! Get started today by exploring some of the things Max likes. Make sure to follow us at because we’ll be pinning new stuff all the time! We’ll even throw in a few prizes and hold contests for our followers and fans like you.

These are a few of Max’s favorite things. Follow Math Blaster Online to keep updated on all his new favorite features!

Get ready to enter the next frontier with us on Pinterest! Are you a Pinner and use Pinterest? Let us know what you’d like to see from Max’s Favorites!