Life on the I.S.P.

Greetings Blasters! Max, here. Have you ever wondered what a typical day running the I.S.P. is like? Spaceport is such an enormous ship sailing through the galaxy. That means GC, Monty, and I have a lot of responsibilities to take care of on a daily basis. Since there are so many things going on everyday, I thought I might share my daily routine with you Blasters.

I should mention that on Spaceport we use a 24-hour clock, or “military time”. This means that instead of going back to 1at noon, we continue on to 13. You can convert military time to standard time simply by subtracting all hours after noon by 12. This means that 1300 hours would be 1:00pm. While reading my routine, try to convert the times from military to regular time!

0700 Hours:


Wake up time! My day begins with more rise and less shine, since there is no sunlight in space. Thankfully my handy alarm clock gives me that wake-up call to start my day. I immediate walk over to my Mutt Pod and check on my two adorable Mutts.

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My Pod: Your Home Aboard the Space Station

Every Blaster needs a break from working to save the I.S.P. and your Math Blaster Pod is the perfect place for a peaceful retreat. Here, Blasters can throw their own Pod parties to celebrate their accomplishments, invite over their in-game B.F.F.s, or just relax and decorate their humble abode. For some tips and tricks to mastering this area of the Space Station, here is a video on what to expect while in My Pod!

Make it your own –  A Blaster’s Pod is their home away from home and can be customized with all the things that make a Cadet calm, cool and ready for adventure! While you’re settling in, you can fulfill one of GC’s Missions and grab new furniture from the My Pod Store or rearrange existing furnishings for a brand new feel! With all the options for beds, tables, seating, and lighting or gadgets, Cadets can personalize their Pods to make it truly their own!

Seeing Stars – Your Blaster can track their Star Status on their very own chart located in their Pod. You can collect more Stars by helping out fellow Cadets in caring for their Monster Mutts or by visiting other Blaster’s Pods and ranking them!

A change in scenery – Is your Blaster enjoying their view of space from their Pod? Perhaps you would rather relax in a Pod underwater. Whichever it may be, Cadets can change their Pod Location to suit their mood. Grab different Locations off the My Pod Store to switch through sceneries!

Click here to learn more about your Pod!

Celebrate World UFO Day With Math Blaster!

Do you believe in extraterrestrial life forms? Of course you do, you play Math Blaster! Each year, on July 2nd, everyone from this planet, Earth, celebrates life on other planets and in outer space. Join us at Math Blaster to recognize our best aliens and critters from space this World UFO Day!

Join a sky-watching party in your neighborhood or see the stars from the Space Port.

Don’t forget to get your very own UFO for your Mutt in the Mutt Mart today! Take them out and celebrate observe this international and intergalactic holiday. How are you going to celebrate? Comment below and let Max know!

Add A Friend For More Fun!

Everyone likes having their Blaster buddies around for friendly fun and awesome adventures. Although, it can be hard for you to keep track of everyone when you’re running around exploring in the Space Port or Math Academy. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to add your friends to your B.F.F. list and keep updated with their voyages!

Check out the new option to add a player to your B.F.F. list after you’ve battled them in games like Nebula Knockout. It’s as easy as that! After you’ve battled them, a menu will pop up to add them to your circle of friends. It’s not only in Nebula Knockout either; try it out in all of the multiplayer games like Galaxy Grand Prix and Face Off!

Add all your friends to keep up with their scores and statuses!

Check out some of our multiplayer games today to start expanding your list of B.F.F.s. Don’t forget, you’ll see the new option after playing the games. Have you added all your Blaster friends yet? Let us know what you think of this new B.F.F. feature!

More Monster Mutt Mania!

Have your kids fallen in cahoots with their cosmic companions? As you may know, it’s not always easy to take care of a little loved one, but in Math Blaster your kids can always count on the help of their fellow cadets. Now, Blasters will receive notifications whenever one of their buddies helps out and cares for their Mutt. Whether they’re in the Math Academy or the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome, a notification will pop up to alert your kids when someone else has lent a helping hand. Check out the Monster Mutt Notifications by selecting the new envelope icon marked with a paw print!

Home is where the heart is, but a post card is always nice. Check out the Monster Mutt Notifications from anywhere in Math Blaster!

To make it even easier for Blasternauts to care for their Mutts though, Max has even dropped off some new decorations for your kids’ Monster Mutt Pods! Browse through some of the new furniture and ensure your child’s Mutt is cozy and comfy at home while they’re gone.

Have a seat on this new couch with your Mutt! Kick back and relax before you throw around a Space Disk or Boomerang.

It’s never a bad thing to spoil the ones you love. Check out these new items in the Mutt Mart today and let Max know what you think. Do you like knowing when other Blasters take care of your kids’ Mutt or have your kids chosen a favorite mutt pod decoration? Let us know… Max loves hearing from members of the I.S.P.!

M.B. Phone Home: New Math Blaster Homepage!

Are your kids ready to begin an outer space adventure? Then, it all starts at home base, which is why Math Blaster has debuted a new homepage! The new site makes it even easier to see “what’s new” and to check out your kid’s personal Space Port information like how they’re doing with their Mutts and game scores. There are also links to make it easier to access favorite games like HyperBlast and B-Force Blaster at lighting fast speed. What do you think of the new space?

The new layout makes it easy to keep an eye on all your kids’ extraterrestrial stats like rank and credits.

On top of all the new features of the website, don’t forget about the new button to invite friends! It’s not too late to earn some credits, so get your friends in on the learning fun. Let us know what you think of the new homepage.

Blasters to the Rescue!

One day, Max and GC were blasting through some menacing math problems, when GC suddenly needed some help. She asked Max for some tips, but he wasn’t quite sure how to answer her question. Can Max count on your kid’s Blasters to help him out? The safety of the Spaceport depends on it, so its time to work together with your blasters. Here is the problem GC got from Mission Control. Have your kids take a shot at finding the correct answer!

Max is calling on the help of all Blasters to solve GC’s problem. Are you the star who will shine?

Space Cadet: How many space seconds in a space minute?
Blasternaut: 60
Space Cadet: How many space minutes in a space hour?
Blasternaut: 60
Space Cadet: Good, now for a hard one, how many space seconds in a space year?
Blasternaut: I need GC and Max’s help!

How many space seconds are in a space year? GC and Max need you and your kids to help! Think you’ve got the right answer? Leave a comment below with the right answer with details and GC and Max will reward you with 500 credits for helping them with their math problems!