Take a Look at These 4 Impressive Pods

“Hi Blasters! Max and GC are reporting LIVE from our monthly Pod Tours! If you have not been keeping tabs on this special monthly event, Pod Tours are when we travel throughout the Spaceport and check out some of the coolest, most uniquely designed rooms that we encounter. This is one of our favorite times of the month, as we always see such great spaces that really show your awesome creativity! Take a look below at our top picks for the month!

Max’s Picks:

Ashley NeonLaser
1Sometimes, it can be a challenge for Blasters to really use the most of their Pod space. There are so many things you can buy at the store, but it feels like there is just too little space to place all of your favorite things! Ashley really seems to understand the flow of her Pod and made a layout that allowed for her to section off a special place for her living room. Such an eye for functionality is truly a game changer when it comes to our Pod Tour picks. We salute you, Ashley!

James ZanyZodiac
2While James may be one zany Blaster, his taste in design is very simple and sophisticated. This Pod keeps its style classy and clean. At the same time, I appreciate his consistency in color choice, as this orange and neon blue Pod brings a splash of the future to an overall timeless style.

GC’s Picks:

Emma CosmicSatellite:
3If there is one color we love here at Spaceport, it is that wonderful slime green. As you may have experienced while exploring the Math Academy, this green is the same color as the bubbling, oozing slime of Oozami. For a Blaster to choose such a color scheme in decorating is a bold, yet fitting tribute to this thrilling game. I also appreciate the blend of the future decorations with the traditional. Emma was able to put in a very rustic bed, yet it does not look slightly out of place with her more hi-tech furniture.

Tom GemEarth:
4We can admit it is a challenge bringing a sense of coziness to your Pod, especially with so many futuristic options in our store. However, Tom totally pulled this off and brought his Pod back down to earth. The warmth coming from his design would make even the most homesick Blaster feel at ease.

Well, that is it for August’s Pod Tours! We hope you appreciated looking at these awesome Blaster Pods as much as we did! With some of these rooms, did you strike up inspiration for decorating your own Pod? Which of these Pods did you like the most? Discuss our picks in the comments below, and if you are feeling particularly confident about your own Pod designs make sure to send them our way! We will definitely keep them in mind for our September Pod Tours!

Creating Crews with Max

“Greetings, Blasters! Did you know that today is Intergalactic Space Crew Day? This is a special day when all of the I.S.P.’s new recruits are encouraged to join their very first Crew! I think it is such an exciting time here in Math Blaster. All the new Cadets on board get to meet brand new friends and compete with other teams. Just so many memories to be had.
1This year, in particular, we had so many new Blasters that were eager to join the ranks of our Crews I am just having a little bit of trouble with crunching the numbers. I am going to need YOUR help finding out just how many new Crews must be formed. Since there are 522 Blasters looking to join a team, and only 20 empty spots on our existing Crews… Can you figure out how many new Crews we need to create? It is time to pull out your long division skills! Are you ready for this?

1. First we will need to do a bit of subtracting. Can you figure out what is 522 minus 2?

2. Now comes when we find out the answer. Just how many NEW Crews must be formed. We take the answer from our subtraction problem and then divide it by the amount of spots available for new Crews, which is 50 Cadets.

3. You might have noticed from your answer that there is a remainder. Do you know what this means? You will need to add one more Crew to the answer so all of those remaining Blasters have a team to compete with as well!

Have you found the answer? Let me know what it is in the comments so I can start helping these Cadets form their new Crews! Also, if you have not joined a Crew yet, make sure to do so today and show your Spaceport Spirit!”

Time Flies on the I.S.P.

“Greetings, Blasters! Max here, and I need your help calculating this tricky math question. This Blaster I have with me, Tom StellarJupiter, has a really busy day at Spaceport and needs to make sure he will be on time for his lunch with GC at 2:00pm International Spaceport Time (IST). Can you use your addition and elapsed time skills to see if he will make it on time if it is currently 11am? Let us take a look at his schedule for the day:

Caring for Mutt


Length of time: 45 minutes
Oh no! Tom got off to a late start today and still needs to care for his Mutt. Time to walk over to his Mutt Pod and give his loyal space friend some tasty food. Once his Mutt is full, Tom and Flurry Neptune spend some time playing around with some of the colorful and squeaky Mutt toys.

Walking to Fitness Training

2Length of time: 5 minutes
It may seem like you can reach Spaceport from your Pod in a flash, but there is actually a secret time delay. Every time you transport you end up losing five minutes from your day! Now that Tom is at Fitness Training, it is time to do some warm ups to keep his brain alert for his midday Math Academy adventure.

Fitness Training Exercise

3Length of time: 40 minutes
Tom’s usual exercise involves rock climbing, playing a bit of RollerBall Ralley, and hopping along some of the hovering platforms surrounding Fitness Training. This does not take a small amount of time and often lasts over an hour! Thankfully, he cut things a bit short since he has an important meeting with GC!


4Length of time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Now it is time for one of the BIGGEST events in Tom’s day: his adventures in Hyperblast. As you might know, when you are blasting through a vortex at hyperspeed, it is very easy to lose track of time.

Head to Mutt Rescue and meet GC

5Length of time: 5 minutes
After all of that running around, Tom can finally head over to Mutt Rescue and meet up with GC… But did he make it in time? That is for YOU to find out by adding up each event and calculating how much time elapsed. Let us know what you think in the comments!”

Game of the Week: Hyperblast

MB-HyperblastThere are many twists and turns at the International Spaceport. Just walk through the wrong set of doors and you might end up in a vortex that moves faster than the speed of light! This place, which we all know as Hyperblast, is filled with many obstacles and evil aliens. Only the brightest mathematical minds succeed in this race against time. For our game of the week, see if you can test your knowledge of division and beat FOUR of these wacky and wicked aliens hiding out in this hyperspeed tunnel. For your excellent work, you are bound to earn Credits in no time… http://budurl.me/MBGoTW8

Identifying Constellations at the ISP

Have you ever noticed that the stars in the sky form different shapes? Many others throughout history have as well! Groups of stars that form different patterns in the sky are known as constellations. As you might have noticed, we at the International Spaceport are huge fans of astronomy, or the study of outer space. When we have the free time, we like to look out some of the big windows that of the ISP and take a look at some of these constellations! Would you care to join us?
If you are looking for a reference to some constellations, you can always refer to your friends’ Star Status charts. As you do more kind gestures for your friends, you can fill up these constellations and get even more ideas for stars to look at in the sky. Today GC and I are on the hunt for the Pegasus shaped constellation. Look closely at how the stars of the constellation match the picture of the Pegasus.

Now we look for a place to observe the stars. This section of the Mutt Training Center would be the PERFECT place for stargazing. Now it is time to relax and focus on the sky…

Oh look! There it is! Thanks to our handy guidebook, we were able to locate constellations that astronomers around earth have observed for hundreds of years! Isn’t that amazing?

Now that you have an understanding of how to stargaze, you should try it on your own when you are away from the ISP. Use your Star Status charts to find constellations on those upcoming warm summer nights and start your real life star adventures.

Max’s Space Search: Day THREE

MB_Riddle_day3We are on the THIRD day of our week long search for some of the most useful items of the I.S.P. For today’s riddle, we have a tool that will literally put the “BLAST” in Blaster. You will want to keep lookout for any object in Spaceport that might match the description in the riddle above. Once you have figured it out, comment below with the answer and we will give you 200 Credits to spend for some new Pod decorations! Budurl.me/SearchSpaceport