Do Good Deeds and Increase Your Star Status!

“Greetings, Blasters! Max here! On a regular day at the International Space Port, you can run into so many different Blasters! Just like you, your peers are doing SO much on the ISP and could use a little bit of assistance in their daily tasks. That is why we have a system of Merits and Star Points at the ISP. When you do any good deed here, you get very special Star Points that help go towards your rank. To be the BEST Blaster I can be, I try to make every Friday my “Good Deeds Day”. Follow me around and see how you too can help other Blasters and increase your standing here!
First things first, I always make sure to check on my Buddies’ Mutts! While your friends are off on their Math Academy missions, their Pods can get a little dirty. Help them out and get rid of these slimy dust creatures!
While you are there, give them some helpful feedback and rate their
Pod! For every Pod you give a rating to, you earn just one more Star Point!
All of our hard work on our Good Deeds Day ends up paying off! I just got twenty Points, which means I am only 27 away from my next rank. As you move up the ranks, you can start unlocking so many cool features!

Deck Out Your Pod

After saving the galaxy from aliens and asteroid fields, it is nice for a Blaster to kick back and relax in their Pod. Not only is it a great place to unwind, but you can decorate your Pod to match your own style. Take a look at some of the fun things you can do with your Pod.


Go to the store and browse through a ton of different types of furniture. Are you in the mood for a certain theme? Perhaps you like to mix and match styles that fit your particular taste. Pick out various beds, couches, tables, chairs, and electronic devices to give your room a signature look. Once you have purchased your furniture, go into your inventory to place them in your Pod. Give your Pod a welcoming atmosphere with your unique style.


One of the coolest features about your Pod is the Star Status. Here you can see the progress you have made during your training at the Intergalactic Space Station. Watch in awe as you collect more stars and they begin to form a constellation. As you gain more experience, you can proudly display your Star Status for fellow Blasters to see.


Finally, relax alongside your Monster Mutt as they can enjoy their very own Mutt Pod. There you can care for your Mutt and decorate its Mutt Pod. Choose the perfect style for your companion that will make them feel right at home.

While you may be floating in outer space, that does not mean you cannot have a place to call home while at the Intergalactic Space Station. Check out all the awesome features your Pod and Mutt Pod have to offer and start giving them a look that exemplifies your personality.

What are your Favorite Games in Math Blaster?

Do you want to earn the title of Mathlete of the Week and be featured in our newspaper? Check out some of Math Blaster’s most popular games! From battling the alien in Alien Wrangler, to avoiding the hazardous chemicals in Oozami, to transforming your B.F.Fs into crazy creatures, these fun and exciting games in Math Blaster can help you earn Merits and Star Points, which are used to judge your promotion in terms of Rank and Star Status, and Credits, which you can use to purchase a few items to decorate your pod or to dress up your Monster Mutt. Read on to find out more!

Red Alert

One of our signature and most exhilarating game! The game requires strategic planning and perfect aiming. Wait for a red alert to go off, then head over to the “Red Alert” portal, and help protect the space station from foreign attacks! You can always throw in some friendly competition with your fellow BFFs to see who can make it to the top places on our leaderboard.


Blast through obstacles and defeat the bosses by using your supreme math skills! Successful completion of each stage can help you unlock special items and advanced stages. Avoid the mean and evil alien creatures that block your path and collect the shields to boost your health. You will need a lot of it to fend off the last boss in each stage!


Angle Attack

The enemies have infiltrated our I.S.P. Drive them away from our peaceful spaceport by defeating the evil octopus! Attacking the enemy is simple, find the correct angle that the enemy is hiding in and submit the right answer to fire out your most powerful weapon!

Nebula Knockout

If you cannot access Face Off because you don’t have a Monster Mutt, don’t worry! Nebula Knockout is equally as fun. Earn new belts and higher ranks by battling another mutt in the ring. You can either select Single Player mode where you are given an avatar, or raise your monster mutt to fight head to head with your BFF’s mutt or any other mutt in the I.S.P! How many KOs have you scored?

Nebula KO

Morph Madness

You can prank your fellow cadets by turning them into bizarre alien creatures! Collect the floating items, head into the Chem Lab, and start mixing the chemicals to create these deadly fun solutions!


These are only a small portion of the games you can challenge in Math Blaster. Start playing these games, make it on our leaderboard by earning a top high score, and be officially recognized by your fellow cadets!

Ursa Major For Our Star Players!

Just like the seasons change, so do the stars. This time, they’ve realigned themselves for our stellar superstar blasters. Now, all of our distinguished cadets can advance to a new star status, Ursa Major!

Pegasus helped us highlight our best players, but now with this new constellation we can idenetify our players that have gotten even better at their math blasting skills. Reach for the stars blasters because this new bear constellation will only showcase our best of the best!

Check out the new Ursa Major star chart today!

Have you earned enough points to receive the new Star Status yet? Let Max know what you think!

Now Your Kids Can Shine Brighter Than Before!

Has your child been exceptionally stellar lately? They can earn their Blasters some great achievements by collecting more stars in their Star Status charts. Have them work together and help out fellow Blasters by visiting their Pods and ranking them. The new constellation, Pegasus, helps Max and the Math Blaster team recognize the most outstanding and out of this world cadets. Once your kids and their Blasters have earned enough stars, they can check out their new status in their Pods.

All of the brightest star students are ranked amongst the best. Pegasus is a sign that your kid is a star too and flies high with other top achievers!

Start collecting stars to complete the new Pegasus constellation today!

New Year, New Features… Which Are Your Kids’ Favorites?

The space station is budding with new activities! Many of them are keeping your children’s brains active as they learn new math skills. Blasters all over the galaxy are busy earning credits and becoming math heroes of the future. Blasters have been raving about all of these new features and we want to know which is your child’s favorite!

Do your kids love the challenge of answering math questions followed by the thrill of risking it all? Then Risk It just may be their favorite new game.

Or, do they enjoy maneuvering through the frozen and puzzling paths of Ice Cubed? Cornelius is happy that your kids have helped free him from his ice cube trap.

Have they enjoyed decorating that little space for their little friend? Mutt pods have allowed Blasters to earn stars and help others look after their mutt pods.

Or, maybe your children look forward to meeting goals. If so, Star Status may be their new favorite feature. After all, every Blaster loves to reach for the stars.

Being recognized by Blasters all over the galaxy is a totally exciting accomplishment! Do your kids delight in seeing their name on the Leader Board in the Math Academy?

With so many electrifying new features, it’s hard to choose just one! Which one is your child’s favorite?

Your Kids Are Rising Stars!

Your children have been great B.F.F.s to each other and we say it’s time to reward them for it! We’re giving star points to our star Blasters. These points will determine a Blaster’s Star Status and help him or her become a #1 Star. Your kids can view the Star Chart posted in their pods to monitor their Star Status and watch as new stars are added. They may be “Just STARting” out now, but there’s no doubt that they’ll be a #1 Star soon enough!

Your children can also view their Star Status on their bPad.

There are many different ways to earn star points. For every social activity your children do, they’ll gain points that go towards the next star on their Star Chart.

While Blasters are off saving the spaceport, they need a little extra help caring for their monster mutts. Your kids can visit other mutt pods to help feed, bathe, and play with their friends’ mutts. To visit another mutt pod, tell them to enter their own and then select a Blaster from the list on the right side of the screen. When they do this, they’ll receive star points for being such kind Blasters.

Another way for your children to earn star points is to visit and rate other Blasters’ pods. This is a chance for your kids to see the way another Blaster lives, learn about their style and tastes, and let them know what they think.

It’s time to aim for the stars, Blasters!