Show the Ooze Who’s Boss

To be a skilled Intergalactic Space Station Blaster, every Cadet must fine tune their problem solving efforts on top of quick reflexes. Oozami is the perfect training course to put your math skills and response times to the ultimate test! Climb to the top unscathed as you race against time to answer math problems that will unlock the chamber doors to freedom and away from the toxic ooze! Here are some tips and tricks that will help you conquer the obstacles in Oozami!


Escape the ooze – The most important thing to remember while training in Oozami is to never touch the ooze! So be careful as you jump from one platform to another in your search for the correct answers.

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Mastering Toolbar Basics

The Math Blaster Intergalactic Space Station is full of adventure and discovery. With all the places to explore and games to play it is pretty common for even the most skilled of Blasters to need a helping hand in navigating the game from time to time. That is where the toolbar comes in handy! From customizing your Blaster and unlocking achievements to making new friends and discovering new challenges, the toolbar is your go-to gizmo for all those galactic missions. Here is everything you need to know about the toolbar to get you started on your journey as a Math Blaster Cadet!


Your Math Blaster toolbar is located on the bottom of your screen. You can hover over the icons to find out what they do.

Starting with the B-pad on the far right of the toolbar. This is where you will be able to view your Messages, Game Options, Rank, Achievements, Star Status and Hunts.

MBBPadOptions Learn more about your Blaster’s toolbar!

Exciting News for this Summer

Is your Blaster looking for a new and exciting challenge? Tell them to head on over JumpStart ( and check out the new FunZone where they can learn about JumpStart’s upcoming game, School of Dragons. At the FunZone, your child can preview Fireball Frenzy- just one of the many thrilling activities that will be featured in School of Dragons. With some practice, they can earn a score worthy of showing off to their friends. In the upcoming game, based on DreamWorks Animations’ hit film, How to Train Your Dragon, your child will be able to train and raise a dragon of their own while also learn core science skills through concepts like the Scientific Method.


One of the highlights of School of Dragons is its mobile app. Through the mobile app, players will be able to seamlessly resume play with their character and continue progressing through the world while on the go. To learn more about this exciting game, head over to the website at Don’t forget to help your Viking sign up for the exclusive Beta (on the website) so that they can try it for themselves in June! Also, try downloading one of the exciting wallpapers to help spice up your desktop some.

Check out the Battle Belt Progress Meter!

Hey Blasters! Nebula Knockout is one of the most competitive and action-filled games in all of Math Blaster! The excitement never ends while you battle it out by punching, kicking, and using your special powers on your B.F.F.s’ Mutts to see whose critter has mastered its rigorous training the best!

Battle belts are the perfect feature to tell you about your Mutt’s skill level. Not only can you keep track of your Mutt’s Nebula Knockout sparring skills with battle belts, but you can also get a special power or item every time you move up to the next level belt!

Challenge a B.F.F. to go head to head with you so you’ll be on your way to getting a new battle belt!

Good thing you have the battle belt progress meter to show you how close you are to getting a new belt! You’ll be able to go full speed ahead and move up in the battle belt rankings by playing Nebula Knockout in “Head to Head” mode and choosing to either “Battle” or “Play A B.F.F.”. Playing in “Single Player” mode will not increase your battle belt progress since belts are meant to show how you measure up against other high performing cadets.

So start challenging all your friends to Nebula Knockout to see who comes out on top! Hopefully you’ve done a blaster-ific job of training your Mutt so when you’re called upon to battle by a B.F.F., you’ll blow them out of the water!

What color belt do you have right now? Will you be able to show the other Blasters who’s boss by earning the ultimate black battle belt? Let Max know what you think!

Get Ready For The 2012 Space Olympics!

Whether you’re following the Olympics in London or in Nebula Knockout, make sure you take the time to train and care for your Mutt. While all of the gymnasts, swimmers and runners are competing in the Summer Games, your Mutt will be punching, kicking and using their Special Powers on the road to victory. Forget the bronze, silver and gold too; aim for black, as in the Black Battle Belt!

Battle it out to be the best Mutt in Nebula Knockout’s Space Olympics!

Do you have what it takes to earn a Battle Belt in the Space Olympics? Compete against Blasters and Mutts from around the world in this international, and intergalactic, sporting event!

Are you following the Summer Olympics in London this summer? If you’re not too busy watching the sports, take your Mutt to Nebula Knockout for the Space Olympics! Let Max know what you think and if you’ve got a Battle Belt!

Spring Training, Mutt Training!

Just like Max has seen athletes from a strange sport called baseball on a far off planet called Earth, Mutts can now get in some exercise and training of their own! Instead of bats and balls though, Mutts train with obstacles and laser fences. This is space, after all! Get in shape and stay out of the electric fences if you know what’s good for your kid’s Mutt.

Collect the new bonus items for a higher score

Want to know more about the new Mutt Training features?

New Boomerang Toy Will Keep Mutts Coming Back For Fun!

Without fail, your kids can always count on this new boomerang toy coming back when they throw it, and their Blaster’s Mutt chasing it back, too! Mutts love this new toy so much that they always chase it down no matter how far or often you throw it. Find it in the Mutt Mart today and join in on some flinging fun!

Buy the Boomerang for your kid’s Mutt in the Mart today!

Who will tire out first, your kid’s Blasternaut or their Mutt?

Exercise is important for a Mutt to grow up to be strong and healthy. Give them some training and playtime with this new toy. , While your kids are shopping, have them check out the Food in the Mutt Mart too. Their mutt is bound to get hungry after some time in the yard with our new toys!

Does your Blaster’s Mutt like the new Boomerang or the Spaceship better? Have your kids try out all the toys and let Max know what they think!