Worksheet of the Week: Calculate the Surface Area


Attention all 7th Grade Blasters: are you struggling with your surface area homework? Our Worksheet of the Week has you covered. Max put together FIVE problems covering one of the most grueling subjects in geometry so you can get some extra assistance. Think you are ready for the challenge? Download and print our Worksheet of the Week at the link below!

Worksheet of the Week: Mythies Word Search

MythieWoTWMythies, the very distant relatives of our very own Monster Mutts, seem to be gearing up for an exciting new quest! While we have no idea what that adventure might be, our JumpStart ambassadors to the I.S.P. have assured us Blasters that we do NOT want to miss out on this. To help join the JumpStart Mythies in their latest mission, make sure to complete the Mythies-related word search that Ivy has prepared for us! Make sure to click on the image so that you can download and print this FREE Worksheet of the Week!

Worksheet of the Week: Evaluate the Expression

evaluate-the-expressionAre you getting close to learning about algebra in your math classes? Evaluating expressions will be one of the first things you learn. They can seem very tricky, but if you practice them enough you will get the hang of it in no time! Start getting familiar with these building blocks to your algebra homework by completing this week’s free worksheet with a parent. All you need to do is click on the image to download and print it!

Worksheet of the Week: Add Here and There

add-here-and-thereOh no! We spent so much time writing these equations on this board and some prankster erased numbers in each problem! Can you help us complete these equations again? Ask a parent to help you download and print our FREE worksheet of the week and get started today!

Worksheet of the Week: Decimal Place Values

decimal-place-valuesHave you started learning about decimal points yet? Decimal values can be very tricky to learn, so you should make sure to really understand how they work. Use this free worksheet of the week to get a better idea of how to talk about decimal place values. There is a small, yet VERY important difference between numbers on the left and right side of a decimal point… Think you can figure it out? Ask your parents to help you download our worksheet of the week and start practicing today!

Worksheet of the Week: Light or Heavy

light-or-heavyFor any budding Blaster, knowing weights of objects will be SO important for all of your future mathematical missions. Many mad scientist experiments you will perform will require measuring how much an item weighs. To make sure you are prepared for whatever task comes your way both on AND off the International SpacePort, work with a parent to figure out just how light or heavy the objects are in this free worksheet! Get an adult to help you download and print it out at:

Worksheet of the Week: Read and Solve

read-and-solveDo you find word problems to be tricky? This week’s worksheet is perfect for you! Strengthen those brain muscles by answering the division problems in this free worksheet. If you need help downloading or printing our Worksheet of the Week, make sure to get an adult’s help!